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Start-Up Support

Start-Up Support

When a new business is established, or an existing business penetrates a new market there is a phase of initiation that is fraught with indecisiveness and challenges. The entrepreneurs and owners of the business must devote time to fulfilment of new business goals and handle crucial processes like administrative requirements, governance procedures, apt policies, regulatory frameworks, new talent procurement and establishing the business structure within a planned framework. All too often, chasing business goals become difficult when these crucial processes take precedence which is why new businesses need supportive start-up services from WIIN, a start-up advisor in the following domains.

“WIIN offers you a comprehensive range of Business Initiation Services to grow your start-up business goals to execution!”

After the business idea is finalized a business feasibility study seeks to validate all assumptions and reassures the investors and lenders about the prospective viability. A holistic business feasibility study should be professionally conducted and involve market scans, financial analysis and logistics analysis by professional business advisory services of start-up consultancy like us.

The germination of a business idea is often the scariest and yet the most exciting time in the growth curve of the business. Usually, several ideas are scrutinized for viability, potential ROI, risk analysis etc. and these involve a lot of brainstorming and idea sharing. Successful business idea scans by WIIN, will lead to the selection of a robust idea that has the potential to grow into a sustainable profitable venture.

A well sketched business plan covers all key areas like target market, range of offerings, value proposition, milestones, financial objectives including breakeven point and future profit estimates. In many ways, a business plan is a blueprint for success and therefore it should be an intensively researched effort by a professional inception business service provider – WIIN Consultancy.

Effective market research involves collation of all possible data pertaining to specific customer needs and product qualities that will satisfy those needs. Market research conducted by WIIN, a business consulting firm helps a new business gain competitor information, become aware of economic and demographic shifts and align itself to market trends and spending patterns of consumers.

A business will require funds for initial establishment, operational and marketing costs and it is at this conjecture that WIIN Consultancy can be trusted as a funding facilitator who can conduct realistic valuation of a start-up company like yours and help you organize seed funding as well as funds for scaling your project when it is ready for the growth.

Formation and registration of a new business requires many formalities, heaps of paperwork, completion of legislative requirements, procurement of certificates, submission of documents etc. and collaboration with a specialist can smoothen the path.

Once your new business reaches its operational phase, WIIN will assist you in managing growth accommodation, management of change and functional dependencies by optimizing available budget, time and resources.

Business process set up requires process optimization, value chain set-ups, enhancement of business functions and consistent improvements of the business process all over the enterprise. The effectivity of business process set up directly effects the top line and bottom line of the company.

Smooth and efficient functioning of all the support departments (Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR, IT) is essential for the day to day running of business. During initial stages, it can be a challenge to search and hire right people within your budget to get an up to date functional department. WIIN Consultancy offers you a solution to overcome this challenge.

Once your business reaches the growth stage, formal plans for scaling up and diversifying need to be sketched. The most viable business growth strategies can be sketched in partnership with WIIN, your dynamic growth partner/ start up India consultant who shall help you in resolving operational and strategic challenges.


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